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About us…

Golden Eagle Martial Arts Dubai was established in 2010 by Master John Duval. 6th Dan Black Belt, Gold Medalist, 13th Generation Inheritor and Successor of Tai Chi Chuan.

We at Golden Eagle Martial Arts specialize in Chinese Martial Arts. Teaching our community Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Qigong and Self Defense for men, women and children starting from the ages of  2 years old.

We teach the students with true knowledge and total commitment to enable each student to strive for the highest personal achievement and to use their own abilities and courage to excel to their highest personal levels. Our Children’s classes are structured in such a way that all can benefit from our teachings and each participant will have the opportunity to enhance and improve their fitness, focus, discipline, self-confidence and self-control. Our individualized training sessions focus on each student’s unique and specific health and fitness needs.

Golden Eagle Martial Arts believes it is our responsibility to deliver and actively implement a health message that will empower to improve each student’s wellness and life style and to spread the knowledge of health to as many people as possible.

Our programs are safe, effective and easy to learn.

Each of our team members are highly qualified teachers with years of experience in teaching and understanding in sports psychology. Pediatric First Aid and Sports Injury Prevention Techniques make our team the most trusted, reliable and capable team in Dubai since 2010.

25 years of Knowledge and Experience.



There are about One Hundred Thousand Students in the Shaolin Temple City called Deng Feng, Henan Province, China, who are training Martial Arts all year round in all the schools but only a few students who are actually accepted can enroll at the Shaolin Temple School itself. Many claim to have studied at the Shaolin Temple itself therefor the necessary steps to verify their credentials are essential.


What is the difference between a Master/Grand Master and a Coach? Simple answer is: Doctors and Nurses.

Our team has been taught by Masters and Grand Masters in the Arts.

Grand Master Shi Yong Xin…

Shi Yongxin (Chinese: 释永信; pinyin: Shì Yǒngxìn) is the current abbot (Head Grand Masters and Leader) of the Shaolin Temple. He is the thirteenth successor after Shi Xingzheng. He is the Chairman of the Henan Province Buddhists Association, a representative of the Ninth National People's Congress and also one of the first Chinese monks ever to get an MBA degree.

Grand Master Wang Xi An…

Grand Master Wang Xi’an is one of the current 19th generation successors to Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) and one of the “Four Buddha Warriors” of Chenjiagou (Chen Village). Grand Master Wang also is an advanced level wushu coach recognized by the highest governing bodies in People’s Republic of China. His reputation as a teacher spans beyond simply martial arts, as he is also a highly respected professor at Henan Normal University and a guest lecturer/professor at Luoyang University. One of the top 4 Grand Masters in China.

Grand Master Chen Yong Fa

Grand Master Chen Yong Fa (5th generation) keeper of the Kung Fu Style Choy Lee Fut. Choy Lee Fut is Northen and Southern Shaolin combined in 360 degrees multiple opponent counter and defense. He is the first-born son of Chan Wan Hon. From the time he was four years old, he followed his grandfather Chan Yiu Chi, who taught him Kung Fu and Qigong from 1954 to 1963. After Chan Yiu Chi’s passing, Master Chan Yong Fa was trained and taught the entire system of Choy Lee Fut by his father, Chan Wan Hon from 1963 to 1982.

( Shaolin Temple Head Grand Master)

Shi Yong Xin

Master John Duval - www.masterjohnduval.com

13th Generation Inheritor & Successor of Tai Chi Chuan.

Disciple of Shi Yong Xin ( Shaolin Temple Head Grand Master)

Nationality: Austrian

Dan Level: 6

Gold Medals: 2

Expert: Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu, Chen Style Tai Chi & Qigong

Books: Brief introduction to Chinese Martial Arts & Tai Chi 26 Step Form

Master John Duval Personal Homepage

License: Shaolin Temple, Chenjiagou, Chinese Martial Arts Federation, European Martial Arts Federation

Chinese Wushu Ambassador, Honorary Competition Judge, Representative of the International Chinese Martial Arts Cultural Exchange Community, Member of the International Police Association. Founder and creator of the Golden Eagle Martial Arts and Tai Chi and Qigong Health Programs.

“Health is a Breath Away” By Master John Duval

Master Frank Rao

13th Generation Inheritor & Successor of Tai Chi Chuan

Disciple of Shi Yong Xin ( Shaolin Temple Head Grand Master)

Nationality: Chinese

Dan Level: 6

Gold Medals: 5

Expert: Shaolin Kung Fu, Qigong & Chen Style Tai Chi

License: Shaolin Temple, Chinese Martial Arts Federation & Chenjiagou


Coach Liana - “ Tai Chi Princess “

13th Generation Inheritor & Successor of Tai Chi Chuan

Nationality: Chinese

Dan Level: 4

Gold Medals: 3

Expert: Qigong & Chen Style Tai Chi & Performance

License: Chinese Martial Arts Federation & Chenjiagou

Coach Wang - “ Scorpion “

Nationality: Chinese

Dan Level: 3

Gold Medals: 2

Expert: Shaolin Kung Fu & Performance

License: Shaolin Temple, Chinese Martial Arts Federation